Friday, September 11, 2009

Garage Sale Tips - Second Installment

Been out garage sailing today and you guessed it a number of people just pissed me off.

Tip #4: Parking

If you are having a yard sale you are responsible in some part for parking. If you live on a busy street where street side parking is not an option, then people will be parking in your drive. Don't cuss at them and give them dirty looks. Also, don't have a garage sale and then rope off all the available parking in front of your house. If you don't want people parking in front of your house then don't have a garage sale dammit. It's not fair to make people walk three blocks to get to your sale if they don't have to. Also don't give people dirty looks for walking on your grass when you're having a yard sale. If they can't get to your merchandise they won't be buying from you.

Tip #5: Handling and Placement of Merchandise

Some items were not meant to be placed in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can actually destroy some things.

  • CD's, tapes, records.
  • Calculators, pocket TVs, handheld games. Anything with an LCD display. LCD displays especially older units will be baked if left sitting in the sun for even a couple of hours.
  • Batteries. This includes batteries inside electronic devices.
  • Candles (if you need this explained you're beyond hope, give up and have yourself committed)
  • Photographic equipment and photographic developing equipment
  • Computers and discs

Also don't leave things out in the rain and expect it to sell. I asked one old fart if he had left his stuff out in the rain the night before. He said no. I picked up a car stereo and poured out half a cup of water at his feet.
This dovetails nicely into my next tip.

Tip #6: Honesty

Don't lie to me. If I get the feeling I am being lied to, Deal is OFF. I don't care how good a bargain the transaction appears to be, lie to me and I'm gone and so is my money. If I catch you in a lie, it casts a shadow on your whole sale. For all I know, you're a thief selling off the real owner's stuff while he is tied up in a closet.

Tip #7: Porn

I really don't want to pull up to a yard sale and find a bunch of used porn and or sex toys on display. I can't think of anything that is a bigger turn off than used porn or toys. And if you look like Rodney Dangerfield or Rodney Dangerfield in drag then the last thing I want on my mind when looking at you is sex. I don't think there is enough mental floss in the world to get that kind of mental imagery removed.

If it is not something you would sell to your pastor, mother in law or friends, don't put it out for the whole world to see. And I really don't want to have to answer those kind of questions from my kids just yet.

These are just of few of the issues I ran into today. Will probably think of more on my next expedition.

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