Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dead Land Journal September 5th 2027

Katherine has been studying those things for days now. Everyday she comes out with a new revelation that usually goes right over my head.

The few things I do understand are that its taxonomy does not suggest relationship to any known terrestrial species. She does not know if they are extra terrestrial in origins or just a previously unknown species. Personally I don't think they came from earth, or outer space, but an entirely different realm. Their cranial structure and complex central nervous system suggests potential for intelligence equal to our own if not greater. This really comes as no surprise to me after what I have seen. They have no lungs but instead have an incredibly dense network of blood vessel under their skin and appear to be able to absorb oxygen directly from their skin, esophageal passages and stomach lining. They also appear to be a true hermaphroditic creature possessing both male and female reproductive organs and it only takes one of them to reproduce. The most disturbing thing she has told me about them is that they have excellent regenerative ability.

I have printed off all my journal entries. There was a printer in one of the offices. I just plugged my computer into it and printed it all off. Got it all in a binder now tucked away safe. Once I print this entry out it will join the others. This computer is getting flakier all the time. It takes forever to boot up and randomly crashes. I save frequently but still worry about losing my journals. Kathy has often asked why I bother. I really don't know other than it feels important to me to put this down on paper.

I've got another damn headache. My left eye feels like it is about to pop right out of my skull. Kathy thinks it's possible I have glaucoma. Pressure builds up in the eye causing pain and loss of peripheral vision. I have noticed some spots at the edge of my vision lately. She wants to do an eye exam. Check my vision, check the ocular pressure, dilate my eyes, make me wear old fart sunglasses all day. I hate those things.

© 2009 R. Keith McBride

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  1. LOL! Old fart sunglasses! Love it!

    The more we learn about those things the less I ever want to meet one.

    Give the twins big hugs from me, I hear they are getting bigger all the time!