Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dead Land Journal September 14th 2027

Slept till two in the afternoon yesterday. I was undisturbed by wraiths in both reality and dreams. I think I have eluded them. It is raining today and with all the glass out of the passenger side and the hole in the roof, I am not looking forward to the trip back in the International. There is a Ford F-350 crew cab parked out by the garage. If I can find the keys and get it started I might just load the ATV in the back and take it back to Osceola.

Same Day

I have no choice but to take the Ford. The fuel line between the two tanks was split. I'm out of gas. The old rubber fuel line was in bad shape and being clobbered by the smart probably did it in. Never really been a Ford fan, but beggars can't be choosers. Took me a while to find the keys. They were in the pocket of a pair of jeans in the steel barn out back. I gathered the clothes up and buried them like I have done before. I had to charge the battery, clean the injectors and purge the fuel system before I was able to start it. There were a pair a ramps in the barn which made loading the ATV easier. Going to have to fuel it up, but most farms usually have a diesel tank around for fueling up farm equipment.

It's too late to start out today. Will be dark soon. I've made the house as secure as I can for tonight, which is not very. When I stopped here last night I was just too tired to care, but tonight I am looking at the place and seeing all the holes in security. Too many windows is the main problem. I used to love sleeping with the windows open.

Found a solution to my computer problem. I am dumping my laptop computer for a portable typewriter. It's a Smith Corona Sterling. I found it in the closet when I was looking for some clean clothes. The ribbon was dried out, but there was an extra in a sealed pack. It's old too and the print is a little faint but I think it will do until I can get a fresh one. A typewriter really seems like the perfect solution. I can set it one fire, run over it with truck and it won't lose 4 months worth of work. It does not need to be plugged in and as long as there is paper it will work as intended. The manual is included. It's only about twenty pages and that is fully illustrated. The manual for my last laptop was over two hundred pages. I may transcribe this into a desktop computer later for editing and correction, but I will do the initial journal entries on the Smith Corona from now on.

Getting too dark to type, even with candlelight. That is one advantage the computer does have over a typewriter.

Sleeping with my .357 under my pillow tonight.

© 2009 R. Keith McBride

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