Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dead Land Journal August 16th 2027

Katherine woke up in a better mood yesterday. She even apologized for her earlier rude behavior. I am reserving judgement though. Emily still does not like her. Doesn't help that the good doctor thinks that filthy, vicious dogs have no place in the home and should be kept outside.

We have stopped at a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Carthage so Katherine could get some clothes. She was not happy with the selection I picked out for her so she had to go in and pick out her own. I guess that is not unreasonable, but she did not have to be so nasty about it. I will have to admit that the clothes I picked out for her are poor fitting. I am terrible about that. She refused to let me accompany her so I am taking the opportunity while she is gone to make this entry. She seems to think my journal is a waste of time and I find it difficult to write while she is watching me.

I insisted she take a gun with her for protection. I don't think that she would have protested if I had not made the suggestion. If she were to go out in the middle of a moonless night to pee behind a bush and I were to have the nerve to suggest to her that she put her shoes on and take a flash light, she would go out barefoot and blindfolded.

I will try to talk to her tonight about her experiences immediately prior to and after the disappearance. Where she was, what she was doing. Will have approach it carefully. I think that maybe if we can figure out a common denominator we can maybe predict where it would be most likely to find more survivors.

Dee went with her. I admit that I felt a twinge of jealousy as they left together and I will worry until they are back safely.

I took Emily out to do her business on the little island at the end of the row. She took her time which probably means this area is relatively safe.

I wonder what is taking them so long. I think I will go

i think i just heard gunshots

© 2009 R. Keith McBride


  1. ARGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! You can't just leave off there! Crazy, Crazy I tell you! You are going to drive me crazy!!!!!

    At least that was yesturday's entry, maybe I'll get one today!!

    Great job!


  2. I'm glad your enjoying this.

    I hate to tell you though, that was today's entry. I just posted it this morning. The date stamp on the entry is the date it was created, not the date posted.