Monday, September 7, 2009

Dead Land Journal August 24th 2027

According to the birth certificate I found today is Dee's birthday. Despite Kathy's protests, I think I feel well enough to go through with my plans. Kathy did volunteer to make the cake though. Dee is about the only person she gets along with. She really wants to help make this birthday special for her, so I guess that earns some points with me.

I'm a little worried about Emily. She whimpers whenever anyone but me comes close to her, especially Dee. Dee can play a little rough with her but Emily is so tolerant of her but I think she is afraid that Dee is going to get too rough with her.

I am leaving Dee in the RV while I go find her Birthday present. Once I am done with breakfast I will be heading out. I saw a Toys R Us when we pulled into town. Dee has been wanting a doll house and I am going to get her the best one I can find with all the accessories. Money is no object.

August 24th 2027 again.

Found the perfect dollhouse. It has all kinds of cool little things, cabinets, drawers, doors furniture and electric system. It even talks and has sound effects. One of the best things about it is that it folds up so we won't be tripping over it all the time. I picked up half a shopping cart full of furniture and dolls for it. I even found a "big screen" TV and entertainment system for it. The screen is about 7 inches wide, which I think translates to 6 feet judging by the scale of the doll house. It even comes with a remote control and a multimedia memory card slot. There was no way I could carry it in my current condition so I just walked out pushing the cart through the lot.
On the way back to the Uni I saw a plume of smoke in the distance. It was to the north but too distant to check out now, but I will drive that way tomorrow and check it out. Besides I want to get home for Dee's birthday.

Dee had a blast today. Katherine was surprised to find that she has a talent for cake decorating. It doesn't hurt that she found a professional cake decorating kit. Dee loved the cake, and she played with the dollhouse all afternoon. We took her to a McDonald's after supper so she could play in the tubes at the indoor playgound. Katherine went through first gathering all the empty clothes from the tubes. I was about to, but Katherine not allow it. She was right of course. I probably would have made it about halfway through, if that far before reopening the wound and then Katherine would have had to drag me out.

Dee played for a while, but I think she would have had more fun with other children. She is a very social child.

The only fly in the ointment was that Dee seems to be coming down with something. She got real cranky at McDs and we had to call it a day. She felt feverish when I was strapping her into the car seat so I had Kathy check her out. She thinks it's just a cold, but she looks worried.

© 2009 R. Keith McBride

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