Thursday, October 29, 2009

In God We Trust, unless you work at Home Depot

I just read a story about a former employer of Home Depot. Was he fired for stealing, harassing customers, refusing to help customers or maybe even running around the Home Depot parking lot with nothing on but an orange apron and crocs?

No, Trevor Keezer was fired on October 23rd for wearing a pin with the words "One Nation Under God."

Apparently this is against Home Depot dress code. They are so afraid that one of their customers might possibly be offended by this pin that they had to fire him. In my opinion any person offended by this pin must spend their days looking for things to be offended by. I am damn tired of everyone trying to avoid offending the thin skinned, self righteous and willfully ignorant people in this world. I think that as a society it is our duty to offend these people as much as humanly possible. Maybe this will toughen them up some. Or at least drive them so far into seclusion so that they don't reproduce.

The picture of Trever Keezer shown in the story I read showed a clean cut man with no visible tattoos or facial jewelery. He looks like he could have fallen out of an episode of Leave it to Beaver. I cannot picture this man doing anything to intentionally offend anyone. I am frankly more offended by the careless attitude, incompetence and poor hygiene of some of the other employees I have encountered at Home Depot.

Too many people think that the Constitution guarantees freedom FROM religion, but in fact it guarantees freedom OF religion. This means that we can worship as we see fit. This does not mean that we can prevent others from worshipping in ways we disagree with or even worshipping at all. In fact it means the opposite. We cannot legally interfere with another's legitimate mode of worship. But in all things a little common sense must be applied. If your form of worship involves ritualistic human sacrifice then maybe you should refrain from practicing it at work (unless the chosen sacrifice is perhaps that goon two cubicles down that is always stealing other peoples lunch from the fridge and picks his nose in full view of the entire staff). But I see no harm in a little pin that says "One Nation Under God," I mean really, this is in our Pledge of Allegiance and if I remember correctly the phrase "In God We Trust" is printed on all our money. I wonder if this offends the powers that be at Home Depot too? Well I better not risk it. I will just take my money to Lowe's instead.


  1. I agree. I wonder if he can sue them for discrimination against his religious views? I don't have a Lowes hand here, but I can sure support my local hardware store instead of Home Depot.

  2. I drive an extra 5 miles just to go to the local Lowes when I can find what I need at the local mom and pop hardware store. I haven't liked Home Cheapo for a long time now.
    I think what they did to that guy was wrong.