Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dead Land Journal November 14th 2027

Been a while since my last entry. We have been very busy. Let me look back over the last entry and see what was happening last time I had time to sit down at my Smith Corona.

The fuel tanker. We were delighted to find that it was completely full. But the generator crapped out the day after we came back with tanker. But it was barely sufficient for our needs here anyway. Billy suggested that we snag one of those big trailer mounted generators road crews use. We found one at the Stockton Public Works lot. We parked the generator outback with the fuel truck right next to it. Jewels rigged a gravity feed fuel line directly from the tanker into the fuel tank of the generator with an automatic cut off valve to keep it from overflowing. Now we don't even have to worry about going out there twice a day and gassing up the generator.

We have a water tower of sorts now. It is plastic 500 gallon tank set up on a steel stand. The pump fills the tank, gravity and an air pump supply the water pressure to the indoor plumbing. There is a built in heating coil to keep the water from freezing. Works fine as long as we don't have a lot of people using the water at the same time.

There is a water tower at 4th and Craig, but when everyone disappeared some of them did not have the courtesy to shut off whatever water they were using. Consequently when the power went out, the pumps shut down and whatever water was left in the tower, quickly drained out. I wonder what it would take to get it going again.

There was something else too I wanted to mention too. What was it? Oh yes, the cows. The cows Jewels and I found out on 32 highway when we were fetching the tanker. We managed to get them all here Ok. Even the bull. He gave us fits about getting on the livestock trailer until the last cow was loaded, then when he realized that he was about to lose his little harem and become a lonely bachelor, he readily walked up the trailer's ramp. Katherine gave them each an ultrasound and pronounced them all clean and all pregnant. It appears the bull has found some way to occupy his time.

There is a tractor dealership next door to the church with some large storage units out back. These are making excellent temporary stables. We've gathered up all the portable livestock fencing we could find to get some safe grazing set up for the cows. That and truck loads of feed for them.

Thanksgiving is coming up in eleven days. There has been some very understandable grumbling about not having much to be thankful for. But I think Pastor Tom's presence will help.

Considering everything I feel I have a lot to be thankful for now. Looking back over the last few months I find it hard to believe I am the same person that stood on the roof of the Hyatt about to throw myself off.

© 2009 R. Keith McBride

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