Friday, October 30, 2009

Dead Land Journal February 21st 2028

That damn fool Billy took it one himself to head down to Springfield to check things out. He left early this morning. The sound of the Divco's ancient motor starting up woke Beverly and I. We had spent the night in the Uni again. I ran out to see what was going on. I don't run too fast anymore so Billy was already pulling out of the church parking lot by the time I got out there. He yelled back something about a note on the church bulletin board. I just want to be on record as saying I think this is a bad idea. Billy is a genius at fixing and building things, but a bit of an idiot in the real world. I would have felt much better if someone was going with him.

I stood there for a moment while snow melted through my socks cussing at Billy under my breath.

Beverly called me in and after we finished getting dressed we both headed into the church. The rest of us had a little meeting that morning and discussed this new problem over coffee and breakfast. Thank God we still have coffee.

Jewels and I had discussed this before and had already decided that someone was going to have to go down there and actually take a look. I think Billy is convinced that these men are responsible for killing the Tudor girl. Admittedly, this is a statistic probability, but I think that Billy's judgement may be clouded in this matter.

After breakfast we once again resumed our hunting. We have not seen as many infected creatures as before. Perhaps it will prove to be a seasonal thing.

I saw something while we were out hunting today. It was some kind of insect attached to one of the deer we killed. But it was not like anything I have ever seen before. It was about two inches long, black with red spots and only had four legs. It was attached to the deer like a parasite. It has a heavy seamless carapace and no wings. I managed to brush it off into a Pringles can Mike had left in the back seat of the truck. Mike was a little irritated because there was still half a can of chips in there. I'll make it up to him sometime. I gave it to Katherine as soon as I got back. She agreed that it, like the wraiths is not of terrestrial origin. She does not know if the came from the same place as the wraiths but what are the odds that they came from someplace different. I wonder what kind of new nightmare those will be.

The weather is starting to warm up and Dee is wanting to go outside and play, but I can't let her unless she is supervised. Stacy is down with the flu right now and Jeanette is too busy with the baby right now. Dee is being so good about this, but I know that eventually her patience will wear out. There has to be a solution.

© 2009 R. Keith McBride

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