Friday, October 23, 2009

Dead Land Journal January 8th 2028

It's 12:43 in the morning. Kyle never made it back. Billy was able to track him on radar throughout his flight plan. Everything was going fine. He made the circle around Springfield made his approach dipped low over the town and off radar. This was planned, but still made for some tense moments for Billy watching in the tower. After six minuted and twenty-two seconds he came back up made his turn towards the airport, made and approach as if to check out the strip and then veer off to the south west. He had circled back for the return trip and was over and then just east of Lebanon he suddenly dropped off radar. Prior to that he had been flying somewhat erratically according to Billy.

Looking at the map of the area, my best guess was that he would have tried to land on MO-64. It has a reasonably straight section that he could land on. He maintained radio silence throughout the trip so apparently he did not like what he saw. The fact that he would rather risk being lost to us rather than possibly give away his position is scary.

By the time we can get there it will be far too dark to search. There is a full moon tonight, but the weather is turning against us. Why is it when something like this happens, the weather always turns foul. I cannot risk letting anyone go out there searching for him. Jeanette did not seem too understanding and started yelling and throwing things. Katherine was ready for this and had a syringe of Diazepam prepped for her. As soon as she was out I asked her if it was really necessary and safe. She said that it was ok at this stage as long as it was a one time use, and that her emotional distress was more likely to be harmful that the sedative. I don't like using any medication unless necessary. I know I take too much Excedrin but considering that Katherine has repeatedly offered me morphine for my headaches I think I am doing ok. We put Jeanette to bed and I ordered everyone else to get some rest.

I intend for Pastor Tom and me to be on the road by 5 am at the latest. Looking at it practically, the pastor and I are the most expendable. Mike is a good hunter and can provide for the rest, between Billy and Jewels I don't think that there is anything they can't fix.

We will be taking the tow truck. It is the most capable vehicle we have for these conditions. I would feel more comfortable with the Uni but it is a little top heavy for use in snow.

I can't sleep, it helps to write so I am sitting in the Uni typing away. I will let the Pastor drive the first shift and see if I can sleep then.

This is my fault.

Someone just came out of the church heading this way. I think it's Beverly. Probably coming out to bring me in.

© 2009 R. Keith McBride

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