Monday, October 19, 2009

Dead Land Journal December 12th 2027

Stacy has shown herself to be more than just a precocious twelve year old girl. She has a sharp mind and an ability to cut through complex problems and find a simple solution. While I was struggling with pumps at gas stations, she was simply syphoning gas from cars. She taped wood blocks to the pedals on the SWAT van so she could reach the pedals better. She taught herself how to drive and shoot. She went to book stores and found out everything she could about taking care of a child.

Katherine did a complete exam of the toddler and found him to be clean, well fed and in excellent health. But Stacy refused to submit to an exam.

She is fascinated by Billy's guns and demolition gear and Billy is happy to have a protege. Katherine disapproves, but she disapproves of everything. I think she is afraid that Billy will molest her or something. I don't think we need to worry about that though. Stacy would probably drop light bulb in his pants and kick him in the groin if he tried. Besides Billy may be a horndog but not a pervert. I think he is pining for Katherine. So that confirms he is not a pervert, just a masochist.

Dee is thrilled to have someone a little closer to her own age and Stacy is more than willing to babysit. As tough an image as she tries to project, she is still a child, and still yearns for a sense of normalcy and family. Just my startling insight at work.

We've got the church all decorated for Christmas. Dee wanted to put a tree in every room but we settled on one big tree in the sanctuary and a smaller one in the nursery.

Dee asked me if Santa would still come this year since everyone else was gone. Then the started crying because she was afraid that Santa was gone too. Beverly told her that Santa was eternal and would always come where there were good children and that seemed to reassure her.

The weather has been crappy lately. We have had a couple of snows, but now the weather is warm and the snow has melted leaving the ground a muddy quagmire. It has been raining almost constantly. The sky is the color of slate the seems to hang low, almost feels like you would scrape your head on it so you wind up walking with your head down and shoulders hunched. The light that filters through seems to be exactly wrong for my eyes and the greyness seems to stab at them.

I have had an almost constant headache. I have been taking Excedrin three or four at a time up to six times a day. I feel like my right eye is about to pop out of my skull.

I wish it would either snow or clear up. Anything for a change.

© 2009 R. Keith McBride

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