Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogger Google and Webcomic Blues

Just spent half an hour fighting with Google and Blogger trying to get them to remember that I actually do have an account. For a few minutes I was afraid that all my content was lost. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE COMPUTERS? I mean they are great to work with when they work like they should but when they don't they can just suck the life right out of you.

It all started when I was trying to add a link to one of my favorite webcomics. You really should check it out. Girls with Slingshots. But then it wanted me to switch everything over to a new Google account because they are making BIG CHANGES with Blogger. That usually is not good. Then it didn't want to recognise my account info and when I tried my bookmarked link it told me that blog was deleted. Now is perfect time to panic! AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!! I still have a double backup of everything, but it would be a pain in the ass to get it all back up again.

And then when I finally did get things back up and working like the should I checked the link I was trying to add only to find that GWS won't be posting a new comic for another 4 DAYS! Danielle Corsetto is taking a few days off to work on her new book covers.

I guess it's Karma the Friday cliffhangers I like to throw out on my story.

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