Monday, August 17, 2009

Story Update

As anyone reading this blog knows, the story I have been posting here was originally written when I was between the age of 12 and 14. Years ago I transcribed it from notepads and typewritten pages into a word processing program (LEWP). It has since been transferred from computer to computer. Much of it has not translated very well so it has had to be reconstructed mostly from memory. I figured while I was doing this I would take the time to bring it up to date. Much has changed in the world since I was 14. I have always found it easier to create than to recreate so there may have been some less than perfect moments in this story.

My last story post marks a turning point. It was the last segment of old material. I have a basic outline, a narrative road map if you will, but it is just names, dates and places. So everything I write from this point on will be all new. I am hoping I can keep it fresh and exciting, and still keep to the spirit of the story written by my younger self.


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  1. can't wait till the next. I'm sure it is going to be just fine!

    Kelly (snre)