Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dead Land Journal July 23rd

Our visitor was back last night. It destroyed the perimeter lights. They are just cheap solar yard lights but they were enough to light the yard up. It pulled up every one of them, smashed the head and piled them up in the front yard. Going to install some more motion activated flood lights today. It does not seem to like light so I am going to make sure that every inch of the yard is covered by several hundred watts of light.

July 23rd (again)

Found Dee's home today. It is actually just a block from here. The Meier's house is on George Franklin Drive. I accidentally turned a block early down Debra and she pointed to a house on the left and said "My house!" I almost swerved into a tree. I did not realize that she had unfastened her car seat until she was squealing in my ear. Child proof buckles my ass. She's able to unlatch them one handed faster than I can using both hands. We spent the next five minutes talking about the importance of wearing our seatbelts and reminding her what happened last time.

We spent most of this afternoon at her old house. The kitchen was a mess. Pop top cans littered the kitchen floor and the stench of rotting garbage filled the entire house. The first thing I did was open all the windows. I found several pictures of her and her parents. I also found her immunization records and a copy of a daycare enrollment form with her medical history. As I suspected, she is allergic to strawberries. Also found out she has a Birthday coming up in a month.

I let her gather up some of her toys while I gathered up photo albums and such before I locked the house up.

Got the new lights installed. Sun will be going down soon. Put Dee to bed early. I will be sitting in vigil tonight for its return.

© 2009 R. Keith McBride

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