Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Literal Interpretation

I am learning, or relearning anyway, to watch what I say around kids. My wife is always getting on me about watching the profanity, and I try. But when you bend down to pick up a toy and catch the arm of the chair with your forehead, there is some verbal "leakage". But that is not what I am talking about here tonight. I am talking about context, about them picking up every thing I say and applying the most literal translation their limited experience can provide. They are only two and a half, and are a little pre-verbal, but they understand a lot more than you think.

Earlier tonight I was getting the twins ready for bed. I changed Bailey into her PJ's and set her down. Noah is always a little reluctant to get changed for bed and will vigorously shake his head NO when I ask him to come over to get changed. I usually set Bailey down and tell her to go play while I get her brother ready. But this time I told her to to "grab her brother and drag him over here". I turned to get a fresh pair of PJ's and next thing I know Noah is screaming as Bailey is tugging him down off his chair by his shirt collar. She looked so proud as she dragged him out of the chair. Poor Bud looked so offended. But not at her, at me.

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