Friday, June 12, 2009

Dead Land Journal May 30th 2027

Today is a Sunday. Lisa and I would to go to church every Sunday. Not that I am a particularly religious man. My mother was raised Catholic but she hated the church, so my sister and I went to a Baptist Sunday school when we were little. At the age of eight I was thrown out of the Sunday school and my mother was told that I was not welcome back. Apparently Sunday school teachers don't really mean it when they ask if you have any questions.

But Lisa loved going to church. Her own parents never really went to church. Her father thought it was just a big waste of time and her mother learned well before Lisa was born not to question his decisions. Lisa had never owned a Bible until my grandmother gave her one. From then on she always had a bible with her. I sometimes envied the comfort and peace it seemed to give her. Soon afterward she started asking why I didn't go to church. Eventually she convinced me that we should start looking into it. She found a small non-denominational church nearby.

The congregation was small but enthusiastic. Lisa made a lot of friends there and even though I sometimes disagreed with the pastor I respected him a lot. He was the first one there after Lisa died and he was there for me when Christopher died.

Christopher's funeral was the last time I set foot in church.

I think I will go to church today.

© 2009 R. Keith McBride

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