Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day?

Today is Memorial Day. And wherever you go you will here people telling you to have a "Happy Memorial Day." Some of them mean well, but many of them are just trying to sell you something.

Happy Memorial Day.

Fuck That!

Memorial Day was not set aside so that we could party or have fun or save big at MegaMart on things we don't need. It's not to give us a nice three day weekend so we can take the boat out or go riding. Not that I begrudge anyone those activities. Memorial day was set aside to remember our fallen soldiers. Men and women who fought and died for our freedom, Most likely their final moments were spent clutching at wounds such as most of us see only on TV or the movie screen. They were in pain more severe than we could ever imagine. They were often in the company of other heroic men and women far from home but many times they were alone in their final moments. They cried out to God, they prayed, wept and longed to be safe at home with their loved ones. They did not set out with the intent to die for their country. Through an involuntary draft or their own need to serve, their country called them to service and they answered. They did this so that we could be safe and free.

So before you head off to that barbecue, out to the lake or to that big Memorial Day Sale, take a moment and think about them. Remember them in your thoughts and prayers.

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