Monday, March 8, 2010

Story Update and Brief Rant

I will be posting a new chapter in my story soon. Been rather hectic here. And I have to admit that I have recently become addicted to FaceBook. But I just purchaced a little Asus EeePC. It's a tiny little netbook about the size of a highschool text book. I could get online with it if I set it up, but I have intentionally not done so. It will be perfect for writing, no distractions.

And now for the rant. I am holding in my hand a letter from the US Dept of Commerce, US Census Bureau. The letter is to inform me that in about a week I will be receiving a letter from the US Dept of Commerce, US Census Bureau containing the Census forms. So it's a letter telling us to expect a letter. Our tax dollars at work. It even has messages in 5 different languages at the bottom. Yeah, these should read "If you're reading this because you can't read English, Go the Fuck Home!" But I am often accused of politically incorrect.

But to the story update. I am going to try to get a few posts ready. If I can make a point to sit down with my new toy and type up at least a couple of pages a day I should not have any problems. Fewer distraction more focus. At least from my computer. My son just threw up in my lap about half an hour ago while I was trying to write this post. Of course the only way the new computer could have helped with that is if I were to use it as a shield. I will be trying to get another scanner soon so I can resume the typecasts as well.


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