Friday, July 17, 2009

Warning, Angry Rant Below

I was browsing online today and I came across a story about a thirteen year old boy that raped a ten year old girl in front of several witnesses. The story was a few months old I think. I lost the link and have not been able to find it. There were witness interviews from some of the onlookers. The expressed astonishment at the actions of this boy, asking themselves 'How could he do this?' I have a response to these people. Because of you, you fucking moron! You see a thirteen year old boy raping a ten year old girl and you did not stop him?! You should have been punting the little shit across the damn street before he even got his pants down! Don't sit there trying to rationalize his actions or making excuses for him. Do Something! I can hear your feeble excuses already. I thought he had a gun or some bullshit. Fuck that! He can't hold down a struggling girl, get his pants down and point a gun at the same time. Just can't be done. And if you are willing to let a little girl get raped because you are too worried about your own safety, then you should be shot. No one even called the police till after the little fucker was done with her. Any person witnessing the rape of a child that does nothing is just as guilty as the rapist. At the very least, there should have been twenty calls into 911 about this. But, no, according to the story there was only one anonymous call in. The caller did not even offer a description.

In my opinion rape is one of the few truly inexcusable crimes. There is no saying, 'well I was hungry so I raped her' or 'I was desperate for cash so I ... ' You get the point. I think that once a rapist is convicted with hard evidence (DNA, video recording, or confession) the rapist should either be executed or at the very least castrated. And before you armchair psychiatrists start pointing out that rape is a crime of violence, not sex, consider this. We don't let convicted bank robbers carry guns do we? No we don't. If we must let a rapist back out on the street, disarm him. At the very least it removes his weapon of choice.

I hear people all the time saying, that neighbor kid is always getting into to trouble, but what can I do, he's not my responsibility. What the hell happened here. It used to be that if an adult saw a kid acting up, he caught hell from the person that caught him, and then the parents when they found out. Now we just turn a blind eye and walk away. And now we are afraid to punish our own kids. We can be turned in for child abuse if we spank a child in public. Experts tell us we will bruise their fragile little egos and spout psychobabble bullshit to justify their position. Well twenty years of this politically correct crap has gotten us what? When you teach a child that their are no consequences for his actions, you aren't doing anyone any favors. A child growing up in an environment where the most serious punishment he has ever received was to be sent to his "Happy Corner" to think about his actions will having a hard time adapting to the real world. Cops do not send you to your room, they do not take time to work out a happy solution and give hugs to smooth over hurt feelings. They do carry mace, a nifty wood baton, and swell handgun. He will use these when he encounters your poor misunderstood offspring as he is trying to convince a convenience store owner to give him all his money using a gun as a visual aid. And if your little darling survives the lessons the nice policeman has for him, then his cell mates will teach him the remaining facts of life.

I guess I have ranted long enough.

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