Monday, March 30, 2009

Here I am, against my better judgement.

After years of watching simply everyone get a blog (and I mean everyone, there are dogs out there with their own blogs now) I have decided to start my own.

I have been told on numerous occasions that I have an attitude problem, but mostly those have been people who claimed to have authority over me (parents, teachers, employers, etc). I guess that is why I am self employed. I got fed up with working for idiots and/or crooks. I have a low tolerance for stupidity. I am also not good at kissing ass.

I have a tendency to be drawn to what other people would consider archaic or obsolete technology. Record players, tube type radios and typewriters. I love typewriters. Repairing and restoring them is a hobby of mine. I do most of my writing on them too. I could throw my typewriter down the stairs and then set it on fire and it will not have lost my work. With a computer? A minor fluctuation of household current or a hidden bug downloaded from the internet and "poof" months of work could be gone. I love old cars too, but don't have the budget to collect them. I have had in the past a vintage BMW, a 1968 Rambler wagon, a 1973 Ford LTD and a couple of vintage IHC trucks.

I will probably talk a lot on those subjects and others. Things you will rarely hear me talking about here are the latest celebrity gossip or tabloid crap. I may occasionally talk politics or religion. If that offends anyone, well just don't read it. Being a proud father of twins, I will probably talk about them alot too.

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