Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do We Really Need To Pretend We Still Like France?

I knew it was coming. Somebody out there had to start criticizing the United States for helping out in Haiti.

And I was right.

It comes of course from an expected source. Alain Joyandet, France's International "Cooperation Minister". Joyandet (I will not grant him any honorifics) has accused the US of "occupying" Haiti. This from a country that raped Haiti for nearly a century, culminating in a bloody slave revolt in 1804. Joyandet also seems to have forgotten France's own occupation of Algeria from 1830 to 1962, or the occupation of Indochina from 1858 to 1954, an occupation that fractured the region and probably eventually led to the Vietnam War. Another item he forgot is America's role in pulling France's ass out of the fire in WWII. But schools in Europe are now de-emphasizing America's role in WWII, teaching that we only lent humanitarian aid and emphasizing the fact that the US was trying to remain neutral in the war. Never mind the millions of US soldiers that were killed in Europe.

This Joyandet asshole even physically attacked a US air traffic control official after a French plane was turned away because the Port-au-Prince airport was overtaxed and a safe landing was impossible. I suppose he would have blamed us if we had allowed the plane to land and it had collided with another plane killing all aboard and wasting billions of dollars in sorely needed resources. The plane was able to return safely the next day and land.

I figure it is just a matter of time before some dumb ass conspiracy theorists come forward and present "proof" that America somehow rigged the earthquake so we could gain control of Haiti.

It is times like this that I truly believe that the US should pull out of the UN and tell the rest of the world that they can just solve their own problems from now on. The US spends more in foreign aid than any other country and yet when we are in economic trouble the rest of the world points and whispers that we are just getting what we deserve.

I am not saying that the US is perfect, it is far from it. We are after all the youngest of the world powers. But we have come a long way in 234 years. My question to the rest of the world is this, how far have you come in this time and where would you be without the US? Be honest.


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